Letters to the Editor

Letter writer says that like most opponents of reform, Tennessee Reps. Blackburn and Roe give lip service to "affordable basic health care for all Americans" but have nothing to offer. More

Opinion: Health care reform isn’t a moral imperative

Zizza writes that he finds it fascinating that politicians bring out the morality card when it's time to start spending other people's money.   More

Letters to the Editor

A reader writes that the Blue Dog Democrats are to be commended for finally saying “wait” to the liberal Pelosi-Obama juggernaut on health care. More

New Web site to Bridge uninsured to health care

New Health Department Web site will help find a clinic they can afford More

Letters to the Editor

A woman with a pre-existing medical condition writes that she fears government control of the entire health insurance industry may unfavorably impact people like her. More

Letters to the Editor

A mother of two, appalled at the idea of women who must decide between buying food for their babies or taking them to a doctor, says America must figure out its disparate healthcare system. More

Letters to the Editor

A reader says he finds it disgusting that Montana senator Max Baucus can joke about enforcing totalitarian status quo over health care in the United States.   More

Nashville at law: Appeals judges say hospitals not liable for doctors’ negligence

Ruling arising from suit against late Centennial surgeon centers on concept of good faith More

‘Our leadership is not afraid to open new offices in downturns’

North Highland finds fertile ground for its approach to improving efficiency in health care and other sectors More
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