Rex: Wake me up in November

Rex has been watching the gubernatorial candidates lately and has noticed a few things. More

Rex: Girls gone mild

Zach Wamp has had more campaign kickoffs than the Tennessee Titans; police reports indicate local Realtor allegedly has dangerous bouts of road rage; and more More

Rex: Radnor Lake Rambo returns

Man strolls Belle Meade Boulevard carrying Navy model black powder pistol More

Rex: Death and taxes

Former Lt. Gov. John WIlder held onto life long enough to avoid taxes More

Rex: The way we were (Part II)

Memorable nuggets from 2009 — with a few updates tossed in More

Rex and the City: What’s up, Doc?

Did TriStar abandon plans to build a hospital near the Saturn plant after GM cut its Saturn division or does it just seem that way? More

Rex: Did voodoo help Barry Stokes get a lighter sentence?

Find out why Tom Ingram and Dave Cooley will never get in a fight over the proposed new convention center More

Rex: Sports Authority dipping into Predators revenue

Sounds owner should keep mum on all the money he's making off Nashville More

Rex: Summer slammer

If there is one thing that Rex likes to see, it’s people like Gordon Grigg getting what’s coming to them. More

Rex: Comic book crooners

Rex has been enjoying the outdoors as of late and enjoying some classic literature that his Mom didn’t throw out with his baseball cards. More
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