Megan Barry to take over as chair of Budget and Finance Committee

Vice mayor announces appointments to Metro Council committee chairs More

Council meeting time changed

Earlier time will accommodate National Night Out More

Is Metro Council a springboard to higher office?

The politics of campaigning from a Metro Council seat More

Neighbors will seek re-election

Vice mayor calls herself the ‘point guard’ of Metro Council More

Rex: Titans crash Vanderbilt fundraiser

Jim Cooper treats potential opponent to dinner; Metro Council members hit the airwaves on proposed convention center More

Can Council members come to terms with term limits?

If there were just one word to describe the current version of the Metro Council, it would be “agreeable.” More

Council to choose new pro tem

District 19 Councilwoman Erica Gilmore and District 25 Councilman Sean McGuire are believed to be the two favorites for the post. More

Steine receives top Council committee appointment

Full slate of appointees include some who will weigh heavily on convention center decisions More

Councilman asks for special meeting to reconsider Convention Center Authority

Jameson submits 12 questions to be answered before the meeting More

Vice mayor breaks tie on guns-in-parks vote

Find out how each Nashville Council member voted on the contentious issue More
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