Jameson uses obscure Council rule to defer convention center vote

Overwhelming majority had approved creation of new facility management authority More

Sparks fly during convention center funding debate

Councilors disagree whether new authority will limit Council oversight More

Convention center invoice discussion yields little insight

Most questions met with promise for later answer More

Dean calls for independent audit to review convention center invoices

Auditor will conduct a 'sample review' of all predevelopment spending More

McNeely, Pigott & Fox quits convention center project

Public relations giant cites 'flurry of allegations concerning the communications efforts' More

Crafton changes mind on GO bonds

Councilman now believes general obligation bonds are the only fiscally responsible way to finance a new convention center now. More

Crafton: Convention Center Authority is attempt to avoid referendum

Bellevue Councilman says mayor's office knows voters would reject project More

Riebeling: Convention center PR contract 'maybe not the best'

Exposé spurs push to create new Convention Center Authority More

Gotto: MDHA should be accountable for MP&F invoices

Jameson has heard no answer on call for public meeting More

Jameson drops bombshell before Council meeting

Metro Council members typically use the announcements time before meetings to alert constituents about upcoming community meetings or chili dinners at the neighborhood firehouse. More
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