Reflections: The King of Queen City

Unless you happen to be a record collector, historian or hardcore music fan, chances are you’ve never heard of Syd Nathan. More

Riffs: Numerous reissues celebrate Woodstock

In a year distinguished by anniversary celebrations, none have gotten more ink than Woodstock's 40th birthday. More

Reflections: Black radio ‘assailant’ wrongly accused

The angry rhetoric from both sides about health care has been tame compared to some of the charges voiced about the proposed Performance Rights Act (HR 848). More

On DVD: ‘Watchmen’ released with added footage

Fans will be pleased with the extras included on this highly anticipated version of the cult-loved comic book turned into film More

Remembering Michael Jackson

Remarkable achievements, not tabloid fodder, should be King of Pop's lasting legacy More

Stereotypes still prevail in television featuring black culture

Wynn writes that the re-emergence of the show Amos 'n' Andy shows there's a real lack of progress made in terms of nonwhite portrayals on network television.   More

Reflections: High Court is killing TV

Wynn calls the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the FCC's "Fleeting Expletives" ruling another nail in the coffin of network television. More

TVision: Changing marketplace affects TV shows that survive, get canned

Ratings no longer are the litmus test for a show's survival; now success is based on low production costs and audience compatibility. More

Reflections: New African voices

Two powerful women using Western education to help bring positive changes to the African continent More
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