Crafton slams state education funding

Councilman sponsors a nonbinding memorializing resolution to help Nashville get a fair share. More

Crafton wants Metro workers to live in-county

Bill before Council would make living in Davidson County a job requirement More

Music City Center land acquisition bill breezes through Council

$75 million bill faces final hurdle June 2 More

City Paper honored with New America Award

Coverage of Metro's English-only referendum cited for 'exposing an issue of great importance' More

Music City Center project could have ‘transparency’ Web site

Committee tags Web site that would show revenues/expenses to land acquisition bill More

Convention Center debate returns

Pair of meetings should center around growing debate over land acquisitions for new convention center More

Crafton re-files Music City Center resolution

District 22 Councilman Eric Crafton has re-filed his memorializing resolution stating Council’s desire that the proposed Music City Center be built without the use of property tax dollars. More

Crafton rips into convention center plans at Council meeting

Nashville accepts funds for May Town Center studies; Police may begin 'booting' vehicles of repeat parking offenders More
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