Letters to the Editor

 Writer says that Reps. Blackburn and Rose content themselves with a misleading and inaccurate summary of TennCare's sad history. More

Reflections: Black radio ‘assailant’ wrongly accused

The angry rhetoric from both sides about health care has been tame compared to some of the charges voiced about the proposed Performance Rights Act (HR 848). More

Guest commentary: TennCare lessons for health care reform

Tennessee was home to a failed attempt at universal single payer care, and has lessons to teach a President who has promised that in pursuing his goal of universal health care, he will learn from the policy failures of the past.   More

Rex: Googling digs up interesting info on Riebeling, Summers, Garcia

Find out what Rex learned while searching current and past Metro officials' names and what Karen Johnson's MySpace page says about a countywide campaign More
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