Public works crews remain ready to clear snowy streets

Salt trucks in full mode as more snow expected More

Judge sets trial date for illegal immigrant shackled during birthing process

Woman claims she was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment More

Case of woman in custody during childbirth moves forward

Suit seeks to change immigration enforcement nationwide More

Villegas lawyers sue for 287(g) case documents

Her attorneys give new details of arrest, including that she was told she had “20 seconds to kiss her kids good-bye as she would not be seeing them again.” More

Man arrested after two car chases, three crashes

Officers say they opened fire on suspect in self-defense More

Woman who gave birth in sheriff’s custody challenges 287(g)

Controversial arrest led to change in departmental policy More

Woman who gave birth in sheriff’s custody faces deportation

The woman who gave birth while in the custody of the Davidson County sheriff’s office is facing deportation next month and is suing the Department of Homeland Security for copies of her immigration records so she can fight the case. More

Woman who gave birth in sheriff's custody innocent on one charge

The woman who was arrested while nine months pregnant and later gave birth while in sheriff’s office custody was found innocent Friday on one of the charges for which she was initially arrested. More
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