Council's substitute budget would add $702K to Dean's proposal, first-ever subsidy for fairgrounds

Matthews' proposed budget includes $200K for fairgrounds, only available if Council acts on Fairgrounds Master Plan   More

Fairgrounds Redux: 2 years after bruising political fight, events are aligning for another round

Years after mayor called off bulldozers in face of public pressure, things are far from settled   More

Dean proposes $1.8 billion Metro budget for 2013-14

Budget includes additional $26 million for schools and 3.61 percent increase over current fiscal year More

MNPS budget will be bigger, but Dean trims increase, protects charters

Dean’s office expects school district to cut up to $25M from its proposed $44M budget increase   More

MNPS told to cut proposed budget by up to $25M

Register says it’s too soon to say what would be cut from budget proposal More

Final tally: 'City Paper' looks at budget highlights, council votes

Council overwhelmingly passes budget with property tax, only nibbling at cuts here and there More

Weekly Obsession: Budget contretemps

Sheriff Daron Hall took umbrage tax-dollar divvying process More

Council approves 53-cent property tax hike, budget by wide margin

Council voted 32-8 to approve Councilman Sean McGuire-sponsored $1.71 billion substitute budget More

Councilman proposes $8.6M budget reductions — to service city's debt

Sean McGuire's budget would pull nearly $1M in subsidies from farmers' market, fairgrounds and Municipal Auditorium More

Register worried about 'disastrous' school cuts by council members

Under current proposed budget, MNPS budget would be $720.4M, a $46.5 increase over current fiscal year   More
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